November 30, 2014

November 26, 2014


Miss Mugsy

Momo & Sky

Look at those cute faces!

Tommy and Queenie

Tommy and Queenie

Last night I was shooting with Tiffany for 4 hours, but only a few turned out ok. I know basic Photoshop, but I am looking forward to learn more advanced editing. I just wish I would have more time for all the things I have on my "to do list"
Luckily, Tommy and Queenie were able to sit in one spot while I took this. Aren't they cute?

November 09, 2014


"I was the most relaxed puppy front of the lights, but I couldn't help myself to keep my tongue inside my mouth. :) "


This is little Riley.


"You may capture my beauty. Yes, I am very handsome, but don't make me look at your camera please. "


This is little Miles, Aliza's brother. He is Lily's best friend now. He loves to cuddle with me when we go to sleep, but he is a big confused surrounded by light and camera. He is such a lover.

November 06, 2014

My lovely little Winnie


Little Winnie joined our family earlier this year. She was paralyzed in a Miami shelter when DRSF rescued her. After her surgery and therapy she is the happiest dog ever. We love her so much. Thank you Dachshund Rescue South Florida. Here is their website if you would like to save a precious little life. Dachshunds are the best dogs ever!